My Revision 3 Beta Show Launched Today!

Ok so it’s official. My Revision 3 Music Show launched today about 20 minutes ago. Revision 3 Beta is a site that is like an introductory site for content producers that have been seen and hand-picked by Revision 3. Below is the video. Please VOTE with your eyeballs! The more views I get, then that […]

My Thanks To You!

So the show is starting to spread – not just through Podcasters and Bloggers, but now through YOU! Just this past week alone Bryan at updated his website to feature my sponsors Tech 21 and Hear and Play. Bryan describes his site as his own personal website that tries to give the highest quality […]

New Media Expo Pics (3 Of 4)

Leo Laporte had me on TWiT.TV live. He is so much fun, and I recently arranged his favorite song ‘Walking in Memphis’ for Orchestra. It turned out great! You can check it out here. Felicia Day was a blast, too. She stars in ‘The Guild‘. I’m at the Ustream.TV booth and saw her and said […]

‘Rush’ [Original Composition]

Listen to the music mp3 below: [display_podcast] Click here to download it for free! Rush illustrates how we never stop and relax sometimes. We’re all different, and that makes us who we are. But ’short term profits create long term loses’, so we must realize that as we rush through things quicker, we also miss […]

New Sponsors: ‘Tech21’ And ‘Hear And Play’

I’m thrilled to announce 2 new Sponsors in my Ustream Music Show: ‘Tech21‘ and ‘HearandPlay‘. Many sponsors are interested in the show, but I only choose the ones that are reputable, good, and solid companies – one’s I personally endorse. So here’s a little about both these great companies: Home of the unique SansAmp, Tech21 […]

New Music ‘Alone’

Alone. This is the most exciting piece I’ve written so far. My first piece incorporating a Full Drum Kit AND Orchestra. This aggressive, beautiful piece is about how people spend their life ‘Alone’, but that in actuality we’re all connected. We’re all closer than you think, and this ‘connection’ is what keeps us going, and […]