TWiT Leo Laporte And I Chat It Up!

This is From my Youtube Video “Leo Laporte and I” Leo Laporte is the host of and he is the man. I caught up with him at the New Media Expo and told him about my music and he was pretty impressed. The following day he brought me onto his Stickam Show and we […]


Rejected Rejection is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Stand tall, and be strong. Work hard, and never give up :) Be happy when things don’t work out, because that means you’ve learned something new. And success is about building off of a number of failures. Don’t forget to join the Mailing […]

Non-‘American Idol’ iEllie Look-Alike :)

My friend iEllie looks exactly like this American Apparel Ad. I laughed so hard, and so I just HAD to show her what I was talking about. but right now she is busy auditioning for American Idol. but when she gets to a computer i definetly want her to check this out. Too Funny! iEllie […]

Gmail Is Down. Next Is Twitter!

I’m addicted to my Gmail. Well, today it was down. And still down, and still down. Turns out I did a Summize search for it and the page would update every second with 10 more responses. At least I still have my Twitter account. Come on Google! You CAN DO IT!