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New Media Expo Pics (1 Of 4) ‘The Intro’ #nme

New Media Expo was a blast. When I arrived I immediately met up with Bryan from Ustream.TV and in addition started walking around from all the peeps I’ve been talking to on various sites like the and I’m a big fan of the Podcasters and Bloggers who support my music, so I was thrilled to meet up with them.

In this picture I met Trucker Tom and Jaan Lutter. Jaan was good friends with Ed Ovett of Ed’s Mixed Bag. They were so much fun!

I was thrilled to meet with Geoff Smith who has written great songs and been on Geek Brief TV. He was a blast to talk to and carried his guitar everywhere. HAHA – good for him! He rocked out on TWiT.TV too :)

Veronica Belmont was a blast to speak with. She was going on a Brain Toniq hunt all throughout the Expo :) Also, in this picture is iJustine, and Tom Merritt of Cnet.

AJ!!!!! HAHA this guy is sooo much fun. I first met him at the back of Diggnation in NYC. He’s got the coolest designs for shoes, and just like his brother, is super chill and fun to hang with. I’ve never played any board games with him, but will definitely challenge him to a game in the future. Oh, and apparently he’s kills it in Kickball, either that or my friend’s from Ustream can’t hang :)

Gettin Giddy with DJ Steen

Drew Olanoff and iJustine and Amber MacArthur. Lovin’ Drew’s face in this pic – it’s his trademark now I guess.

Here’s the picture of Ben Parr and I. Ben works for and is the Founder & Editor of and

TWiT Leo Laporte And I Chat It Up!

This is From my Youtube Video “Leo Laporte and I

Leo Laporte is the host of and he is the man. I caught up with him at the New Media Expo and told him about my music and he was pretty impressed. The following day he brought me onto his Stickam Show and we talked for a bit about music, and new media. I’m currently arranging ‘Walking in Memphis’ by Marc Cohn for him, which I’m halfway done – and it sounds very cool. Hopefully that’ll be uploaded in the next week or two :)

Pictures of the #NME new media Expo will be uploaded later on today, and will many more blogs in the next day or two!



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