New Music "Everything Is OK"

You can also get the mp3 for free or feel free to purchase it. Here’s a description of the piece:

I’ve said it before. I’ve said it so many times that I wonder if it looses its’ impact. When times are rough and emotions run low, the only thing that seems to prevail is ones doubt – myself including. We worry and we hope, we laugh and we cry. When all roads lead to uncertainty, we tend to forget. We forget that this too shall pass, and ‘Everything is OK’.

Thanks guys – hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Really nice, Walt. It makes me want to battle someone with a broadsword! The info is probably on your site somewhere, but what hardware/software do you use to record your tunes? Respond here (I’ll watch the comment feed) or email when you get a sec.


  2. No hardware.. only software – Digital Perform 5 and EWQLSO :)

  3. Val

    I love this piece so much…this is definitely one of my favorites, Walt. I would love to hear this in a live orchestra!

  4. Val FTW!

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