Life Before The Internet Lolz!

The onion recently posted a video about Blockbuster. It made me laugh so hard. I love this idea, and the footage was great. Historic Blockbuster Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past But all joking aside, the reality is that companies like Netflix and iTunes are where its all headed (if […]

New Song "Circles"

You can also get the mp3 for free or feel free to purchase it. Here’s a description of the piece: Everything I see I always think of how things wind up where they start. Maybe its because thats how they were always meant to be, or maybe its because that’s what we’ve always strived for. […]

Stronger – New Music

This piece is about the struggle within one’s own body. As you listen, you can imagine being ‘torn’ between two parts of yourself. Not necessarily good vs. bad, but just two unsure and powerful beings that live inside each of us. The ending creates a climactic uncertainty – like any struggle. [display_podcast]

Home Education Magazine Features ‘Your Daily Music Lesson’

Yep. The little show I started out 7 weeks ago is now spreading around the interwebs! Today I learned that the show is now featured here in Home Education Magazine (HEM). From their website – HEM is respected as the premier magazine in the field, described as “informative and commonsense” by Library Journal’s Magazines for […]