The Pod 5

The Pod 5 has moved from their Talkshoe show to their new home at Ustream. The show’s hosts are Ed Ovett, Brent Bradley, Zack Daggy, Dan Johnson, and Dwight Dunlop. The podosphere may never be the same! The next show is on Nov. 18th 8:30p.m., est at

The Pod 5

They discuss alot of whats going on in podcasting and about recent events. Its really a great time and you’re free to join in on the fun. I’ll be tuning in to the show also.

And in related news, Ed Ovett – the host of Ed’s Mixed Bag – is playing ‘Stronger’ tomorrow on his Podcast, so don’t miss that. ‘Stronger’ is available here on my website, and be sure to support all of the other music that Ed plays on his podcast.

See ya soon!



  1. Thanks Walt for blogging about the Pod 5! The Ustream chat room is just for the live recording and listener participation. Actually, The Pod 5’s new home is Podshow. All shows will be archived there. Arrive at the page by pointing your browser to Episode #000 is there now and episode #001 should be posted on November 6th. My thanks to all who read this and then stop by the chat room!

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