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Find A Songs Key & Guitar Chords – By Ear!

OK – so here’s how to listen to a song and put chords to songs by ear. Its an important know-how to learn. Why? Because when you begin to hear the music in your head it shows through your playing and your writing. Ever wanted to do a guitar solo over your friends house? Well, when you can ‘hear’ the notes before their played, you can improvise that much better. This example takes Mary had a Little Lamb and puts simple chords over the song for you. Start small – then work up to that crazy solo!

‘Stronger’ Music Video

I created a fun video for my piece ‘Stronger’. You can watch it below. This piece is about the struggle within one’s own body. As you listen, you can imagine being ‘torn’ between two parts of yourself. Not necessarily good vs. bad, but just two unsure and powerful beings that live inside each of us. The ending creates a climactic uncertainty – like any struggle.

FREE MP3 Click Here to download

Everyone – this video was a blast to make (although VERY time-consuming). But you guys are worth it. Thanks so much. Feel free to remix it and broadcast it. It’s Creative Commons and Podsafe. More to come :)

The Pod 5

The Pod 5 has moved from their Talkshoe show to their new home at Ustream. The show’s hosts are Ed Ovett, Brent Bradley, Zack Daggy, Dan Johnson, and Dwight Dunlop. The podosphere may never be the same! The next show is on Nov. 18th 8:30p.m., est at

The Pod 5

They discuss alot of whats going on in podcasting and about recent events. Its really a great time and you’re free to join in on the fun. I’ll be tuning in to the show also.

And in related news, Ed Ovett – the host of Ed’s Mixed Bag – is playing ‘Stronger’ tomorrow on his Podcast, so don’t miss that. ‘Stronger’ is available here on my website, and be sure to support all of the other music that Ed plays on his podcast.

See ya soon!