Synthesia – ‘Piano Hero’

Wow! This game used to be called ‘Piano Hero’ – but was then changed to ‘Synthesia’. You can download the game here So what is Synthesia? Synthesia is a game that teaches you to play the piano using falling notes. No sheet music reading is required. With it, you can: Learn to play songs using […]

Alma Mater

Was just at my Alma Mater. While there I stopped in to say hello and had a meet up with a few people. I also stopped in to say hello to all the old teachers I’ve had. It’s nice seeing people you haven’t seen for a while. And by while I mean 18 months. : […]

Lost And Found

It was a few months ago, and I lost my wallet. Just was laying on the couch today and found it. All this AFTER I recover all my stuff that I had to report. So it got me thinking about how good it feels to find something. Like – that feeling of complete expectancy and […]

Those Eyes

Here’s a song I wrote back in 2005. It’s titled ‘Those Eyes’. I was unsure about uploading it, but figured it could probably make someones day. I remember when I first wrote it, how it just kind of wrote itself, and it was a beautiful fall day – very quite. The wind was kind of […]

Youtube Is Awesome

So I’ve been doing this Youtube thing. My channel is And I have to say – it’s seriously awesome. It’s so exciting this day and age in technology and all. I understand that shooting video is alot more difficult than writing a blog, or doing a podcast – but its addictive and I love […]