1. Crystal Tein

    Hi, I wrote a review for you, so I guess you should have figured out I like your music.

    Besides music reviews, I write poems. I think the best art works in life are created by people who have experienced the full spectrum of life.

    Airies is full of fire and fury. But maybe, when you are still creating music later in life, you will look back and think, “This was created when I was young. It’s good, but I could only have written it when I was young. Maybe now, no.”

    And then you will compare and contrast all the works you have created. It is the person who has had the life experience and still with fury and not with lethargy when aged that can peacefully and gather the full spectrum in this existence called life.

    And maybe, working with others is what enhances this life experience. The best orchestra music is written for people to play, not just a flat piece of muisc using computer. It is through the intertwined experience of composer, the baton and the musicians where all the sounds of music will come alive.

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